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Feng Shui Import
Help Me Brainstorm Names for Tea Collections?

Hi! I need to come up with 6 different themes for tea collections. I was trying to think of what kinds of people buy tea, and then shape the collections around them. So far I’ve thought of things like “The Holiday Collection,” “Mom’s Favorites” and “The Feng Shui Collection.”

These teas are high-end teas imported from China and Taiwan.

Any suggestions on groups that would be good subjects to address or titles for collections would be appreciated.

Thank you.

— A name to address the “I need a coffee before I do anything” crowd: “Morning Wake-Me-Up”

— Sophisticated, or the larger group of sophisticated wannabes: “Afternoon Tea Time”

— Guys who might otherwise think tea is too dainty: “Hair on your Chest Collection” (You might not get too many female purchases for this one.)

–“White Tea Adventures”

–“Herbal Bliss”

–“Relaxing Moments Collection”

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