Feng Shui Importance

Feng Shui Importance
What is the importance of feng shui, and the study of it in Japanese culture?

This women with a red purse said it would effect how she spent money according to feng shui?

fengshui is chinese, not japanese

fengshui is a vast subject. it deals with so many things like there is fengshui for the living, for the dead, face reading, destiny calculation, etc.

a bit of history: it was devised by the chinese people very long time ago to increase crop yield by observing nature – so in a way, fengshui is structured nature – manipulated to have a desired outcome. later, it was adapted by the chinese military to win wars and to rule china. now it is adapted for everyday living.

so what is fengshui?
in fengshui, when a person is born, that person has his/ her own energy pattern (like a combination). time also has a changing energy pattern. so people in different years have different lucks. and because of this, that it is possible to calculate for lucky dates in fengshui for a particular person.

space also have its own changing/ constant energy pattern – this includes the environment, inside the house, directions, etc. the most important in the house is where the main door faces, bec this determines how energy is being distributed inside the house. so, here, it is also possible to calculate how to use certain spaces inside the house – where to put the kitchen (so it can draw in money into your life), the bedroom (so you can be healthy), and other parts of the house. space also interacts with people’s energy, so we cannot just stay anywhere in the house. this means we can be luckier in certain parts. space also interacts with time’s energy. so i think you get the idea how these energy combine, react and interact to form new energy, which we experience as either good luck or bad luck.

basically nature is more powerful than man. so man cannot just create luck by bringing or using something, not by color, not by statues, not by anything… well, not exactly.

so, man needs the fengshui methods or theories, which are used to calculate to determine what energy is present where or when. so for example, based on the annual flying stars method, northeast will have water energy. you cannot really see water in northeast, but in 2011, it will be in the northeast part of the house. and because it has been observed in fengshui that when water is combined with small wood energy it would result to attracted people the user’s life. so to use this method, we can put 4 green living plants in the northeast most part of the house. this can result to attracting people into your life – as clients or friends. the only problem with this is that it does not choose the quality of people. and another thing, remember the interactions of energy, so you cannot use this method, if the northeast most part of the house is bathroom or a bedroom. because the method can wreck havoc in your life. (why 4 green living plants; bec 4 = wood, green = wood, living = has energy, plastic has no energy, and you want the wood energy to react with water [not physically present] in the northeast in 2011; when a plant wilts or turns yellow, just replace it with a new green living plant.)

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