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Animal Crossing: Feng Shui question; I’ve only found gyroids for a whole week!?

In Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS, can your feng shui mess up the odds of what you dig up each day? I just put in a bunch of items to my newly added 3rd bedroom (mostly plants) and for the past week now, I keep digging up gyroids instead of fossils. JUST gyroids.

Usually every day I’d dig up a couple of fossils, a pitfall seed and the occasional gyroid, but now it’s all gyroids, all the time. I guess I should consider myself lucky, but I’m trying to complete my museum collection dangit! Is this normal, do I need to remove the items in my new room or should that not even be affecting this? Is it just a horribly freakish coincidence? Are there a few months where fossils just don’t show up?

theres supposed to be 3 new fossils everyday. If you don’t get them that day they turn into gyroids. Feng Shui wont affect that 🙂 Also keep a shovel out for the money rock (if you don’t know go around hitting rocks with your shovel, 1 of them will have bags of bells inside and you keeo hitting until it runs out)

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