Feng Shui Koi

Feng Shui Koi
Feng Shui pond questions-one outside and one inside?

I have a beautiful pond outside the front of my house, with a waterfall and the most gorgeous koi and comets ever. It is to the left of the door when looking out. My office is also to the left of the door, so that I look out on the pond from my office window. The waterfall faces diagonally outward, kind of facing the entrance and front walkway. Is this placement ok? If not, cures…? (I cannot change its placement now). Also, we have so many babies now that I wanted to separate them in a sort of “holding” tank until we seel them or give them away, so I thought of putting a smaller pond with a small filter in the foyer as you walk in, to keep the babies in there (cant do it outside cause its too small and freezes in winter) This one is only like 5′ x 3′, the steps going upstairs wind around it. Is this placement ok? Any thoughts on what I should put around it? I know too much water is not good, but I need a better place for the little ones!-thanks

Is this for you or the fish. My cousins wife drives him nuts with this stuff. She always wants the heaviest furniture moved to improve the ‘flow’. His ‘flow’ doesn’t seem to matter. I’m always teasing her telling her to just hang a mirror upside down. RScott

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