Feng Shui Kua Number 8

I need to Feng Shui my bedrooom?

Ok so I’m sorta trying to redo my room and I really want to feng shui it…. I’ve read the answers to other people’s questions but it didn’t really help cause it wasn’t really what I was looking for. My Kua number is 8. I have a small room so it’s pretty hard to spread things out. Can you tell me how stuff should be spread out and where things should be set?

It depends on which type of Feng Shui you want to use: the new age type of Feng Shui (where everything is generalized and there are no calculations) or the truly traditional Feng Shui (acknowledges individuality and calculations) used in asia. To spot the fake new age Feng Shui schools, they’ll claim how your wealth corner is always in one spot which is not true as it depends on the individual and home itself.

Though it’s much better to apply Feng Shui for your whole home (which it is meant for), there are few simple things you can do for your bedroom. Since your Kua is 8, trying sleeping with your head point Southwest. In addition to that, try to have the bedboard/head against a wall and not ‘floating’ in the room (which leads to instability in your life). Never ever use windchimes,mirrors or crystal balls in your room as they’re not meant to be used there.

It’s good that you learn about the flow of chi and types of chi (which are base fundamentals of good Feng Shui). You want to stop the existing chi from becoming shar (bad) or si (dying) chi. Read up on it here: http://www.smilingbamboo.com/learn-feng-shui/

Hope this information helps! 🙂

48 Chen – 2(2)

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