Feng Shui Living Room Colors

Feng Shui Living Room Colors
Feng Shui in the Kitchen, is red or black or blue really bad?

The condo that I decided to buy has oak cabinets with a natural finish and I can pick the color granite. Im leaning toward a feng shui atmosphere but I cannot figure out the best color. Would an absolute black counter and backsplash be too much? Would it look better with some red glass tile? I read that blue, black and red are bad for the kitchen in feng shui. The condo is open so the kitchen will be visible all the time. We like the reds and oranges and might do that in the living room with our brown furniture. Im lost! Help! Would red be too much in the kitchen if we plan on doing it in the living room also?

Feng shui kitchens are considered one of the most important area of your home for health, wealth, and family harmony.
The colors that are okay are:
Any shade of yellow, red, brown or white are all good in the kitchen, but try to avoid a strong presence of water with the blue and black, because they put down the fire aspects. Feng shui is all about balance, one element can overpower and cancel another, yet you need different elements to be balanced for a space.
So, definitely go with what you love with the reds, and orange, and the brown furniture in you living room is fine.
The counter should not be black if you want true feng shui. You need the fire elements in a kitchen and water will just put that out. The red glass sounds great. There are a lot of granites that have red and copper flecks in them, may try going in that direction. Good luck.

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