Feng Shui Love Pictures

Feng Shui Love Pictures
Which Feng Shui formula helps me find the love that I seek?

1st formula take 2 smiling photos one of you and one of the one you love and face them towards each other and to tie these pictures 99 times with red ribbon/yarn/thread & then take 2 chop sticks and tie these two together also with 9 inches of red ribbon/yarn/thread. Then I take the photos and place them in the right back corner of my room
(not sure which way the southwest corner of my room is) and then throw the chopsticks on top of the photos & not to touch these items for 27 days, after 27 days I put the chopsticks away and take the photos and throw them into a moving body of water for me it would be my local beach that’s theonly moving body of water I have.
2nd formula take the two photos with love labeled on the back & tie them up in red ribbon/yarn/thread 99 times and then place these photos in a red envelope & sleep on enevelope for 9 nights during the full moon on 10th day take these photos and throw them in a moving body of water i.e. stream, rivers, beach etc… help!

He is right, it is not feng shui.
You can change your life with feng shui, but not convince smb to love you. It is better to rearrange your house o attract love, so that you will have love…maybe with this girl or may be with another, so that you will be happy.


Feng shui morning meditation!

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