Feng Shui Lucky Charms

Feng Shui Lucky Charms
I always run out of luck… before I don’t believe of feng shui or any lucky charm?

Can someone give me any idea on how to regain luck… like feng shui tips, lucky charms or any aura positive attraction… inside the house or the person himself/herself… hope can help me to regain any luck… thanks

One thing that has bought me good luck is having a jade plant in my lounge, the jade plant is thought to attract good luck and since i am a non believer in good luck talismans and such it is amazing the good luck i have Had since growing this plant. Also the other most powerful influence that i know ( and I am not a religious person ) is prayer to God, i know this because my prayers have been answered and this year i am going to have the best Christmas and New Year celebration than i have ever had for heaps of years, so luck has come to me plentiful, is it because of prayer or the jade plant, i don’t know to be honest, but i have it.

fengshui lucky charms for 2010 at unang hirit gma

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