Feng Shui Map Bedroom

can a ba gua map (feng shui) be for just one room?

I am really fascinated with feng shui but i am only young and the only room i can redecorate is my bedroom, so can a ba gua be used for only one room? Also can i have some feng shui tips aswell?
Thank You!

the bagua method is not a fengshui method. i know there are many english books about it. but it just does not work like that.

if you want to learn good fengshui method, try xuan kong flying stars by joey yap or an advanced fengshui course by eva wong. either one of these can teach you a simple but powerful method.

any fengshui method always applies to the whole house first, even if you just live in that 1 bedroom your whole life. fengshui always considers the whole house. because bad fengshui in any place of the house can negate the good fengshui in the house. so it is also important that the house have at least 70% good fengshui, or you just cannot enjoy the good fengshui. your life can even turn bad by the bad fengshui your house is generating because of wrong way of fengshui.

fengshui does not follow what people do to their houses. with the fengshui methods, these guides us how to use what is already there and work around these energies. these energies are something that we cannot feel – it is not a vibe, even if you are a psychic.

in fengshui, the bedroom is not the most important room in the house. i am really oblivious why most people treat it as such. the most important part is the main front door of the house. bec this dictates what kind of life you will have. next is the kitchen, bec it can attract wealth or loose money – depends on the fengshui. next is the hallways and living rooms.

the most useful tip i can give you is to not learn fengshui from books. because you will just end up with mixed information. if you like to learn from books, try these authors: joey yap, eva wong and lillian too. joey yap and lillian too learned their craft from master yap cheng hai, where i also took some courses before. eva wong is another fengshui master. but books only contain the basic uses of the method/s it teaches. i still have not came across a book which teaches everything.


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