Feng Shui Map For Bedroom

I am so confused about my Feng Shui situation. Please help?

I wanted to do Feng Shui for my living room which i planned on painting red. And i wanted to stick to the red, white and black color scheme as for decor but for each section of the Bagua map encourages different colors to enhance the functions. Or, should i use Feng Shui for the whole half of the house that’s mine because i live with my parents and the other half is theres.
I also planned on painted each room a different color! Clockwise from my living room is my bedroom(purple), bathroom(yellow), vanity/closet room(green), guest room(blue). SUGGESTIONS PLEASE! I have no idea what i should do.

first, the bagua method is not a fengshui method. i know that many books claim it to be. but the truth is, it does not work as far as fengshui is concerned. and fengshui is not about arrangement of furnitures. again, i know that most books published in english claim it to be. but fengshui is not made by the englsih, but by the chinese. and chinese authors just have written so few books that explain what fengshui is really about.

next, i like to try to explain what fengshui is really about. fengshui is a very broad subject. it has a branch for predictions, it has a branch dealing with how the dead can help the living financially, it has a branch for face reading, it has so many branches, that most people do not know about. what most people just know is that fengshui can “balance” or bring harmony to their lives. but this again is far from the truth. fengshui dont do any of these things. generally, fengshui referring to how our environment affects us, can do either one of these:
1. increase wealth
2. enhance health
but it cannot bring world peace

it does these by us measuring our houses/ physical structures, then using the fengshui methods (not bagua method; examples of fengshui methods: flying stars, 8 mansions, water placements, etc.) to calculate for what energies exist in the house. with this, you can know what kind of life you can have living in this house. and you can know what space/ room best used for living.

in fengshui, we cannot just make a room have good energy by painting it a certain color or put a certain picture or statue. it does not work like that. but using the methods we can know what area have good energy, and what areas have bad energy. this energy is not a vibe that we can feel. we can only know the characteristics of this energy by calculation – using flying stars method. the characteristics of the energies are not general, but it is more specific. thus, people can know what type of room you can put in specific places in your house so that when you use it, you can have a more productive life.

in fengshui, when you use an area, you live out whatever energy exists in the space. but you can never change the nature of the energy, except for these methods:
– change the facing degree of the main front door/ where your front door faces
– change the period of the house: by changing the roof (by painting, renovating, full change)
– renovating most (more than 70%) of the house

if you change any one of these, then the house will have a different energy distribution.

most people are fixated to just fix their bedrooms. but in fengshui, this is just the second important room. the most important room is really the kitchen, because if you have a well positioned oven/ stove, then you can significantly increase your wealth. and with wealth, you can pay any doctor to have good health.

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