Feng Shui Map Room

Feng Shui Map Room
I need help feng shui’ing my room!?

So, I’m getting tired of the way my room is arranged. I want to move things around, but I want to utilize feng shui while doing it. It’s an oddly-shaped room, and I cant really find anything that will help me with this shape!
So my question is, can anybody help me feng shui my room if i send a simple map of my room?

first read my answer in this yahoo answer, i hate repeating everything: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Al5wBjNdUfzrwE4PmMAVJ3AjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20090712100118AAq1DAt

that will give you want fengshui is about.

if you area really into fengshui. get a book by joey yap called xuan kong fei xing – it is a powerful method that it has significant effect in your life.

then enhance it with 8 mansions/ east-west method by lillian too. 8 mansions is easier, but it is less powerful. and your life cannot change significantly if you just use it.

i am sorry, but fengshui is not a general thing. you need to do some measurement, calculations and analysis to apply it properly.

fengshui is not about furniture arrangement. it is really not. i know that some books claim that it is. i think most books just write what people like to hear – a quick fix.

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