Feng Shui Mirror Rules

I am planning on feng shui-ing my room and i have a few questions…?

one of the main rules is not to see your reflection from bed in the mirror. problem is, my mirror is my closet door and takes up a whole wall. but the way i want to set up my room, if im laying down in bed, i cant see my reflection, but if im sitting i can. is that okay, or is it bad?
dude. if you answer a question, read the whole thing. MY MIRROR IS MY CLOSET DOOR. there is absolutely no way to ‘remove’ it.
godd dammnn.

the thing with mirrors/ reflective surfaces and your fengshui is that these things can make your life more complicated. so, if i were you, just remove the mirror, and get a full length mirror and stick it on the inside door of a cabinet. so, when you need it, you just open the cabinet and use the mirror. when your done, close the cabinet. and voila, it does not reflect your bed anymore!

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