Feng Shui Mirror Stairs

Advice needed on Feng Shui?

Hi, I was reading on Feng shui and usage of mirrors.. We live in an apartment where there is stairs opposite to the main door… i placed a mirror on the wall facing east towards the main door.. is it right? some say, its not good to place mirror on the wall opp to main door.. some say, u have to keep a mirror if the main door has stairs opposite to it.. pls advice.

secondly, the bathroom door opens to look into the mirror above the sink.. is it good.. we cannot replace it as we live in a rented apt.. is there anything we can do about this? please let me know!

having studied fengshui under some chinese fengshui masters, i dont like to use remedies – i’d rather do some changes or use another solution.

mirrors can make life more complicated, and can make a situation much worse than without them.

the nature of fengshui depends on energy, which can either be good or bad. this energy is something that you cannot sense or feel, but it affects you, and it becomes your life. energy occupies space – the bigger your house, the more energy it contains. this means, the poor gets poorer, while the rich, becomes richer. so if you dont have enough space or resources, then you dont really have any choice but to go poorer. only the rich becomes richer because they have the resources and the money to change their lives.


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