Feng Shui Money

Feng Shui Money
In Feng Shui, the best way to bring in prosperity and money?

Is there any real belief to this? Is it un-Christian like? Does it work? If so… tips on what to do?

fengshui is a divination. it is not a belief, nor a religion; meaning, it works even if we do not believe in it. it is definitely unchristian, thus, christians walk their path alone without the help of fengshui.

in fengshui, there are many ways to attract wealth, here are just some of the ways. but to understand these, you must know the fengshui concepts, which are not published in most books, only taught by fengshui masters:
– activate current water star (flying star concept) by putting a moving water like an aquarium with an aerator
– position properly the stove/ microwave/ ricecooker using the 8 mansions to attract wealth.
– have a flowing water positioned correctly based on water dragons concept.
– have your office/ work area at an area where there is good energy (flying star)
– when there is good energy in an area (determined by calculating using flying star concept), you make it larger, while make the area with the bad energy smaller.

tips on what to do: get a fengshui master or someone who knows to do an audit and give you advices. they will understand how to apply the things i mentioned above. this is the cheapest and most effective way to go about it. than reading it from a book or website and doing trial and error.

Feng shui tips secrets for creating great wealth and money

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