Feng Shui North Career

Feng Shui North Career
How do you Feng Shui an apartment with a door entrance that faces the south (190 degrees)?

I was born Feb. 11, 1984 and am a female. My apartment door faces south, half of my living room and all of my storage room is in the SW corner, my patio is in the west corner, a quarter of my bedroom and an empty space take up the NW corner, my bedroom is in the north area, my living room is in the center, my bathroom is in the NE corner, my dining room is in the NE, and my kitchen is in the SW corner. My lucky corners are NW, W, SW,and NE and my unlucky areas are N, S, SE, and E. I am very worried about my bedroom being in the north corner because that’s my career area as well a the water element area, my entrance is a fire element but is an unlucky direction and my kitchen is my wealth a prosperity but is in an unlucky corner… what can i do to help remedy is problem? I’m buying new furniture and am considering painting my walls. I would like to have strong love, career and health corners.

first, finding the source of yang is tricky. most books tell you that it is the main front door. but most of these books pertain to your front door as it leads to the main road – so the main door to a condominium is the one at the ground floor which everybody uses, not the door of the unit. the next criteria is sometimes most openings of the house or the side with the most windows is the source of yang. what would i do? get different readings using a compass and try to compare each flying star chart with what is happening in your life – then that is your chart, the one nearest to your life.

you are talking about 8 mansions. i dont like 8 mansions. though it is easier to use. it is also not that powerful. it is only a useful method to complement other methods like flying stars.

with flying stars, if you first moved into the house in period #8, i am assuming… that is from 2004 to 2023, and facing 190, facing south 3 as your main source of yang (if the period of you house is different, then the advise below will be useless):
– first, your bedroom is not good for you, bec it can cause illnesses related to heart and blood – too much fire. nothing you can do about it, except move your bedroom. if you put moving water like an aerated fish tank, you can activate the bad fengshui and make it happen. if you put still water, it can harm you – bec water element is not good in the bedroom.
– best area in the house is the south area, bec it has double 8 and a 3, these are triple good! best to place your kitchen here – but make your stove/ oven face west – the knobs or front/ opening of the stove faces west – this will attract money into your life.
– another good area is the west part – this is best for your bedroom (but this area is not good for the kitchen, as the sharp knives in the kitchen can cause accidents, but it is best for you to make it as a bedroom). if you make this into a bedroom, you will be good in politics, management, finance and business.
– at the ground floor of your house or at the floor where the main front door is located – if the door is at the center, then do this (if not, then imagine, that the door is at the center of the south facing wall): put a large rock (size of a basketball, it can be a fiberglass or plastic mountain) on the left side of the center (not in the corner) – this will symbolize the mountain, but this must be significant, not small or light that people can kick it around. then at the right side of the center (not corner) a fish tank with an aerator (to make the water move) – obviously this is the water element. the fish is not important. the important thing is that you make the water move with an aerator. and change the water, when it turns dirty. the mountain and water will activate your double 8, making them come to life.
– you need to make the south part of your home busy by making it a large kitchen with a dining – dont divide the space into 2 rooms, instead make it into 1 big room.
– you cant put the water (fish tank) or sink must never be in front of fire/ stove/ oven – or you will negate your money coming into your life.
– again i need to emphasize that if you first move into the house before 2004, then the period of the house changes to #7, and it has a different flying star chart.

refer to this chart:

to find the meaning of each box:
– each box contains 3 numbers, left (mountain/ health), right (water), bottom (time/base). most fengshui newbies just use the mountain and the water stars to analyze the characteristic of the space in your house. but most fengshui practitioners use all 3.
– use the chart in bill browser’s blog:

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