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Feng shui bedroom? So, ive been doing a little researxh on feng shui because I want to bring the best energy i?

… best energy into my new apartment. However I am.a little confused of what to do for the direction of my bed. My kua number is 2, which means my best directions are NorthEast, West, NorthWest, & SouthWest. The issue is, my NE corner has huge windows ; and ive learned that sleeping directly under the window drains your energy. The W and NW side of my room hosts my closets, so that wouldnt work for placing a bed there. & SW is right by the bedroom door.
Maybe my room is shaped akwardly ?
Please help !

Check out the links for the commanding position for your bed. Many Feng Shui practitioners believe this is the most important principle, even more important than compass position. If you can also position your bed to a favorable compass position, then that’s great. But sometimes it is not possible.

There are other things to do in your bedroom to help with the chi. Make it your sanctuary with a comforting paint color, furnishings you love, and adequate lighting. Clear any clutter and keep it clean to also improve the energy. Have a headboard for your bed placed against the wall for support in your life. Move the TV out for better sleep and be careful of EMFs from electronic devices such as stereos and alarm clocks — place them at least 8 feet from the bed. Best not to have an office or gym equipment in the bedroom either. Cure any poison arrows from wall angles, overhead beams or protruding furniture.

These are some things to consider. Depending on what you want to support in your life you may want to look at other cures or enhancements. Hope this helps.

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