Feng Shui Northwest Bedroom

How do you use feng shui in a bedroom loft where you enter the room via the floor?

What’s the best feng shui for a loft bedroom where you enter the room from a doorway in the floor (ladder stairway) in the West, there is a dormer window sticking out in the East, built in closets on the South Wall and a ceiling slanted down on the North Wall? Also there is a closet on the Northwest wall next to the stairwell.

fengshui deals with the house where you live as a whole, where the house is located (structures around the house), and what are the structures inside the house in relation to the 360 degrees on earth. it is frustrating to see why most western people only want to apply fengshui in their bedrooms. applying fengshui on your bedroom does not make you sleep better. fengshui locates directions/ locations that have good or bad energy, and uses these to either gain wealth or health – even if you try to gain health, you do not sleep better. besides, fengshui deals with the whole house, which holds the fortune of its occupants.

think of fengshui this way – fengshui is dependent on chi; chi needs space; the more space you have in a house, the more chi it can contain. if you have a good fengshui bedroom, but the whole house is not, the outcome is also not good. the outcome would only be good if and only if the bedroom is tha whole house.

most western people would not even believe this, because of what are published in most books regarding fengshui. i have been taking some fengshui lessons under 2 masters. and i can tell you that most fengshui books are fakes. they do not even cover a fraction of a fengshui concept.

going back to you bedroom – important thing is that you put your bedroom where the energy is good, assuming that you are building a house and have the freedom to locate your bedroom. fengshui practioners have many ways to calculate this good area. in such a good area, you can either have good health or luck just seems go your direction. this is the best fengshui advice you can have.

some common things to avoid; these things can make a bedroom go bad, cause sickness; but these things are too common that fengshui masters do not teach you these in their seminars:
– do not put plants
– do not put water features like a flowing mini fountain nor an aquarium
– no bright colors, keep it more yin
– no tv, stereo, computers, laptop
– no mirror

regarding remedies, there is really no such thing as a fengshui cure. a cure is when you make something bad good. a fengshui remedy never make a bad into good. it makes something bad into a neutral temporarily. if the wind knock that ba gua off the wall, the bad will affect you. in fengshui there is a time element. reason why there is such thing as a lucky day in fengshui. when the right time come, the neutral-ed bad thing will also happen, with or without that cure. the only to permanently cure a bad is to make it into a good, which needs either moving or renovations.

i know that it is not the answer that youa re looking for. but it is the truth.

Ready, Stage, Sell !

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