Feng Shui Number 11

Feng Shui Number 11
Does the Plecto fish (algae eater) count as a fish for Feng Shui?

For Feng Shui, we have 9 goldfishes (8 gold and 1 black). However, we also have a Plecto fish (Algae eater), which really means we have 10 fishes. We heard that 10 is not a good number. Should we get one more Plecto fish (to make 11 fishes) or get rid of 1 Plecto fish that we have now?

Rehome the Pleco (not Plecto) as it’s not compatible with Goldfish, it’s a tropical fish while the others are coldwater and is prone to sucking the slime coat off Goldfish. Nothing to do with Feng Shui.

PS 9 Goldfish need a minimum of a 100-150 US gallon tank. I doubt you do if you’ve only got these fish for feng shui purposes, unless you’ve built a filtered indoor pond for them.

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