Feng Shui Paintings

Feng Shui Paintings
are there any feng shui rules about putting paintings over or opposite your bed?

what am i not allowed to put over my bed and what am i not allowed to put opposite it. i mean, colors, themes, moods.. etc

you should not:

put a mirror opposite your bed.

hang artwork depicting violence (obviously) or people alone.

have a metal bed frame – it conducts energy where you sleep

have tv or computer in your bedroom (or, if you must, they should be covered at night. you can use a screen or blanket)

you should:

position your bed so that you can easily see the entrance to your room

be able to get to the bed from both sides – ie, don’t shove one side of the bed against the wall

paint your room in calming colors, nothing bright like red, orange, bright yellow or pink

Art in the spirit of Feng Shui

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