Feng Shui Plants For Office

Feng Shui Plants For Office
Q about office feng shui?

This is at work, not at home. Moving my desk into the so called command positon would cause all my wires to be in a big, horrible birds nest…

Right now my desk is facing the wall with the door to my left. I can see the door and people entering at all times. The door is technically in line with my chair. The room is open behind me and there’s no one else in it.

I guess I am not wanting to move my desk. It would leave my bulletin board exposed, I’d have to walk around it, Big pain in the old wazoo.

So, how “auspicious” would it be for me to do…. nothing? I mean, besides some decluttering. Seems like it would be cruel to even put a plant in here. There’s no natural light. It’s an interior, windowless room. I have a cute painting behind me I can see when I enter the room but not when I’m seated. The bulletin board and the painting cannot be moved.

Place a Bagua diagram over the floorplan of your office.
This Bagua helps give you a diagram of where / how items should be placed to enhance the Chi.

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