Feng Shui Poster

Feng Shui Poster
where should I place water objects?

i have a big poster of a beach with a palm tree and a nice ocean.
it used to be in my bedroom but I read that water objects are not so good to have in your bedroom

do you know what direction in my house is suitable for this poster?
(North, East, etc.)

oh this is all feng shui, so if you dont understand the sense in it please dont comment

thanks 🙂

Home Office
It is important to keep this room neat and uncluttered so as not to produce Sha. It is helpful to have an area with no shelving where a comfortable high-backed chair can be placed for quiet contemplation. The Chinese refer to this area as the Ming T’ang. Placing a picture symbolizing water behind the chair will help encourage the flow of creative energy

D&AD Awards 2009: China Environment Protection Fund – Shan Shui Campaign

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