Feng Shui Products For Business

Feng Shui Products For Business
I want to set up an online business based in Melbourne (Aust) for worldwide orders, how to get a website setup

•The Business Name I Want To Use Is Not Registered Under Xxxxx.Com.Au Yet Which Is Good

•How Much To Pay To Set Up A Website,

•How To Register A Domain Name,

•Which Webhosting Is The Best In Aust

•The Products I Want To Sell Is Feng Shui Items

•I Want To Put Item Listing In The Left Panel, And In The Middle Page Product Photos, Description, Pricing

•Which Online Payment Option Should I Go For And How Much?

•Should I Register ABN And Open A Bank Account With It?

•I Intend To Register A Business Under My New Trust, Where I Register This Business Name With ABN

•What Are The Rules / Regulations

•How Do I Do Research To Find Out The Popular Feng Shui Items Sold Over Internet?

•Where Can I Find Someone To Design The Webpage For Me?

•Is There A Template That I Can Use?

Any Tips / Hints Would Be Greatly Appreciated

Thank You.

How to List a Domain Name

There are two principal steps to make your website on the internet and registering/booking a domain name is the number one.
A domain name builds the address of your site and can end in . com, . net, . org, . info, . us, . biz, . tv and further.

Directly afer you have registered your name, you will pick a web host (2nd step). The web host is the guts of any website as this is where you build and publish your pages, build purchase fillings, insert service and preserve your site.

How to Select the Best Domain Name

If being in the foremost search engines (Yahoo!, MSN, etc. ) is tremendously essential to you, I extremely urge you index a name that includes your major keywords as an alternative of your enterprise name.

Imagine about it. The normal visitor searches by theme, not by correct name. So why it may seem cool to have a name corresponding Jack’sLinux. com, you’ll wish to select a name that contains keywords that your intended spectators would likely use when they search.

So with that in thinking, a name like Begin-using-Linux. com would be much enhanced than Jack’sLinux. com. Sure, you can still list your corporation name on your web pages, but I think it’s more important to make sure the domain name consist of your eminent “search friendly” keywords if you want to receive traffic from all over.

No doubt, you can still register your firm name on the web site some area, but your domain name will consist of all the significant keywords you’ll want to be found with.

How to Register a Domain Name

Ordering a domain name is easy and very budget pleasant. You don’t need to compensate $35 per year like you would if you listed with big companies.

I’ll illustrate you how to save a bundle at http://www.domain-name-register-store.com – and you’ll pick up admirable client help desk that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The big name companies cost silly rates such as $30-35/year for an individual domain name, and you gain the matching feature at http://www.domain-name-register-store.com for 60% or even less.
Also now it is promotion time there: Use the code 5NC25 for a discount of 5% for any $25 and up purchase.

So make your move NOW!

Good Luck,

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