Feng Shui Red Door

Feng Shui Red Door
how can i make my bedroom appear more light? its dark and i cant paint it.?

Im a renter and cant alter or paint or do anything to the walls of my small house. My bedroom is kind of dark (even with the curtains open) during most of the day,as the light comes in the house from near the front door. I know that putting mirrors in a room can bring in light and a nice view, but have also read that its bad “feng shui or bad luck, to have a mirror in yr bedroom. what else can i do (apart from turning the lights on during the day if i am at home, which costs money ) to make my bedroom more light?

I have red curtains (as i work some nights and need to shut the light ut when i sleep in the day.) at the moment it feels like i never want to in there, its dark and depressing.



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i dont have a nice view from my window,
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i have to sleep in the day time! i work a lot of nights. i need to shut out light when i sleep.

I would use light colored furniture and bedding, and add more sources of light. You can get inexpensive pendant lamps from IKEA. You can get inexpensive “light ropes” from there too. I have them woven through my headboard and it looks great and adds nice lighting. The paper lanterns look nice and add light as well. Get a double curtain rod. That way you can have white sheers or other light weight curtains to let the light in when you want it, and then just pull the darker drapes over it when you want to sleep. You can also get drapes in lighter colors and add white blackout panels to them.

Btw, what’s up with the grumpiness? Nobody wrote anything unhelpful or rude, but you made the effort to twice make it clear they wouldn’t be accepted. It kind of makes people less inclined to want to help you. I am not meaning that in a rude way. I’m just saying that *you* are actually the one coming across as being rude here. How is anyone else supposed to know that you sleep during the day?

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