Feng Shui Red

Feng Shui Red
Feng shui interior wall colors, with direction?

i.e red belongs to north. yellow to south…(this is example is wrong but just showing u how its supposed to be)

north is water and should be navy blue or black
south is fire and thus bright colors like red, orange, yellow
west and northwest are metals and thus metallic colors
east and southeast are wood and thus green or light blue
southwest, the center, and northeast are all of earth and should be creamish color

but using colors to put on their corresponding locations/ directions do not make them strong. water does not even harm fire when you color black your south part. this is not fengshui, this is just mere painting.

there is a fengshui method called flying stars. and in that method, energy enter your house thru the front main door based on time. and different energies in different locations of your house combine, they react and interact forming new energy. here, numbers are used to represent a form of energy – from 1 to 9. 3 groups of these numbers represents water/ money, mountain/ health, and time/ base. so 3 numbers combine to form a new energy. for example you have a 279 in your north area of your house, so 9 is fire; when 2 and 7 (not addition) combine, it forms fire; when 7 and 9 combine, it also forms fire, so 279 energy is like triple fire. and located in the north, which is water, this situation cannot be good. because it can cause literal fire for the whole house. or, if you unknowingly make this area as your bedroom, then you can suffer illnesses related to blood and heart. this is what fengshui is about. not painting.

Feng Shui and Wearing the Color Red – June 2008

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