Feng Shui Room Game

Feng Shui Room Game
Help me feng shui my bedroom.?

ok my room is quite small. i have a door facing north and to the left of the door is the closet. east side of the window is a window that is always open. i also have a ceiling. i have a small bed and its headboard is in the middle of the south wall. i have a bunch of my grandma antiques collectibles. and on this old record player thing that is on the west wall is my tv and directtv box and my x box and its games. then i have a mirror that is facing the left (west) side of my bed and a mirror is on the side of the closet. and it is facing the west wall. uhhh… next to the record playing thing on the west wall is like i tiny little thing with shelves and it has a bunch of antique crap. then between window and closet is a sewing table with more antique crap. so yeah… anyway i can make the room more feng shui….????

Here is a terrific article on how to apply basic feng shui principals to your bedroom:

So according to their suggestions, paint your room a soothing skin tone, maybe something like “golden gate” (# 7679) by Sherwin Williams:

It sounds like your bed is on the correct wall. I would push farther opposite the entrance without actually touching the adjacent wall.

clear all of the collectibles, TV, games, record player & mirror from the room. this is just clutter & it will prevent you from getting good rest. The bedroom is only for sleeping, dressing & romance, so get rid of everything that doesn’t have to do with these things. Keep a few of the collectibles that you like/have sentimental value, but the rest need to be repurposed to another room.

Maddie, Dyllan, and Sarah Feng shui! 🙂 Kali was at a softball game! 🙁

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