Feng Shui Room

Feng Shui Room
How do I feng shui my room?

I can’t find a chart or map, but I know there are certain things that should be placed in certain areas of a room to bring luck, or whatever it is that that area is meat to bring. I was wondering if anyone knew the items that could be places in these areas could be.

A complete feng shui design includes astrological readings for the occupant to determine his/her kua number. Check out the last 2 links below. Feng Shui is very complicated, so to try and explain everything in one post is impossible. I will relate the most important information.

The condition of each direction within a home or room influences aspects of your life. So, first of all make sure you keep your room clean and tidy. Every pile of clutter interferes with the free flow of energy into and out of your room. Energy flows in and out through doors and windows.

Place your bed so that you are not looking out the door when lying in it. Try not to place it in front of a window, but if you must then have a solid headboard. If you have a mirror in your bedroom try to turn it so you cannot see yourself when lying in bed. If you have a TV or computer monitor cover the screen when you are ready to sleep. If you have a desk try to set it so you can see anyone coming into your room when you sit at it.

An aquarium is best set in the east or southeast; never in the northeast. Electronics and computer are best in the west. Romance can be enhanced by pairs of objects placed in the west section of the room. These can be pictures or figurines, but they must be romantic. Wealth can be encouraged by filling a container with objects that denote wealth (glass gems, real or fake coins, etc.), and hiding it in a cabinet, drawer, or closet in the west to symbolically ensure you will always have money in reserve. Finally crystals in the window, and wind chimes keep energy flowing, so hang one of each.

You may not be able to set up your room where all of the above suggestions are met, but don’t worry about it. Just do as many as possible without making the room cluttered. You should look into buying a book that explains Feng Shui in more detail. You can search the web also, but the information is not always as detailed as a book. Finally, the reasoning behind Feng Shui is partly magical thinking, and partly pure superstition. Bathrooms are bad Feng Shui, because there weren’t any bathrooms when Feng Shui was invented. Whereas in western culture the bath is a source of luxury and rejuvenation.

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