Feng Shui Rules House

Feng Shui Rules House
For Feng Shui expert?

What is the rule governing addresses with 4’s? Is it bad luck in Chinese custom? How would I rectify said luck?

Background…I am housing hunting and there are several great houses having addresses with 4’s. I do not want to severely strict my search.

in fengshui, particularly in flying stars method, numbers are used to represent energies/ elements, to make analysis easier. flying stars method determines the different energies that exist in your house based on:
– facing degree of main door of house (not bedroom) and
– period (1 period is equal to 20 years; we are now in period#8, which is from 2004 to 2023) of the house – when the house was first used or when did it had its major (more than 2/3’s of whole house) renovation – whichever is latest

basically a flying star chart of your house is a 3 rows by 3 columns grid, with each box having 3 numbers. each of the box also refer to a space in your house.

when elements combine, they react and interact forming new energy, which has its own characteristics. each new formed energy cannot be generalized as good and bad, though it is in many published books. but in reality, all energy combinations has its own pros and cons,
for example –
888 may be best for financial aspect of your life, but you will be busy that you wont have time to have a family; so you’ll be rich but alone

i dont really think that the address, phone number or car plate has an effect on life. but most chinese do practice this.

regarding 4. basically 4 means death. there are exceptions to the rule:
– 4 with 1 as 14 or 41 – this becomes love (romance/ relationships with friends; or education)
– 4 with 9 as 49 or 94 – this becomes family love
– 4 with 1 and 9 (in any order) – then it becomes love for family and friends; education

but this is more traditional that what fengshui is about. remember fengshui is more about the energy inside your house, and how you arrange the different rooms (not furnitures) inside the house based on the different energies that exist in the different areas of the house – again based on flying star chart.

if you are interested in learning about flying stars method, you can get these books:
– advanced course in fengshui by eva wong
– xuan kong fei xing by joey yap
both books explains the basics (not advanced) of flying stars

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