Feng Shui Ship

Feng Shui Ship
5 Years back I bought a Dragon Feng shui …iT is a dragon ship with 8 guys nd One lady?

iT is a dragon ship with 8 guys nd One lady
3 of them sitting..and two are playing some board game or seeing some map…2 others and a lady are watching at them.
what is this feng shui’s name..and it’s significance

Thank You
I found out it yesterday that s 8 immortals and a lady with lotus
below the link for the image
Kindly tell me how to place it in my home?.
If it is east side..then how to place it exactly

Dragon Boats can have a crew up to 80 paddlers. In Classical times none were women, but woman paddlers are now part of the racing. I’ve never heard of a crew of 13. I’m not sure what you bought, but if you enjoy it being in your house it is doing that which it is built for.

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