Feng Shui Silver

Feng Shui Silver
would these accesories be feng shiu?

My bathroom is tiled from floor to ceiling in pure white tiles, i put a deep blue floor-covering down and fitted a deep blue window blind ,a picture of a tropical island scene in a blue frame and shower curtain and toothbrush holder etc in colours to match every one liked it except one Friend who said it was bad feng shui . I have now bought a white wooden blind and White and silver accessories and the floorcovering [which was expensive] looks like white floorboards i would like to know if aqua towels and shower curtain would be ok , i am painting the picture frame silver as well.

Yes, I think that all sound fine. The most auspicious colours to use in a bathroom are white, grey and aqua blue. I did my brother’s bathroom in these colours and it looks fabulous. You should be very pleased with your choices.

Silver Love Box

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