Feng Shui Small Kitchen

Feng Shui Small Kitchen
Can you help me with a complicated Feng Shui question?

I’m moving into this attic apartment in the third floor of a large house and, though I’ve figured out how to Feng Shui the layout of the apartment according to the Bagua map, the *entrance* to the apartment is another story. It’s a shared-living sort of situation, so my roommates and I share the bathrooms, kitchen, etc., but the upstairs apartment is all mine (four small rooms). However, you enter it from a door on the second floor of the house and there’s a long staircase cutting up straight down the center of all of the middle Bagua quadrants (career, spiritual health + well-being, fame and reputation). To the left of the staircase is the banister following the length of the main hallway, and then a small (very small) landing at the top of the stairs.

How can I balance the rushed up-and-down energy flow? How can I balance the three quadrants that have been, essentially, cut in half?

Any advice would be great, particularly from people who have studied Feng Shui.

There are many different schools of Feng Shui and consultants to match. No one is better or worse, they are just different in their practices and approach.

In the broadest sense, Feng Shui is about harmonizing your environment to support what you want in life. It can be as simple as what feels good to you. What uplifts your spirit?

It is also about chi flow (energy) and balance. Without a floor plan and being in the actual apartment, it is hard to make reasonable suggestions.

Find a consultant that you feel good about that will come to your home. If money is an issue, look into a school close by that could use your home as a teaching exercise for their students.

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