Feng Shui Small Spaces

Feng Shui Small Spaces
Feng Shui and Fish?

I am looking to get some fish for pets, but figure they should enhance my feng shui while I’m at it. I just don’t know what kind to get or how many. I’m a very poor college student and I really can’t afford a big setup at this time (no more than $40-50 max on a tank setup) so I’m thinking small, inexpensive fish and not too many. I really like goldfish but everything I read says they need plenty of space, and I just can’t afford to buy much. I’ve had bettas, but I’m really interested in a fish that swims around a little more, because I like the movement. If I got goldfish, could I keep just one and still have it be good feng shui? I’ve heard black ones are good. Are there any other inexpensive fish that would work in a small, inexpensive tank? My apartment is pretty small, but I’m an animal lover and think some pretty fish would brighten up the place. Thanks for any help you can give!

– fish is not important in fengshui; what is important is the 1. location where to put water based on the fengshui of the house 2. what kind of water do you need: a). a still water or b). a moving water
– for moving water, a water tank with fishes are usually used; but you do not need to use fish. it can be a water tank with an aerator – this serve the same with the water tank with fishes
– be careful in putting a water tank, bec water is a very strong element – it can activate good chi/ energy as well as bad chi/ enerny; it is good if you consulted a fengshui practitioner regarding the location of the water tank, but if you placed by mistake the aquarium. 1 of 2 things might happen. if you put it in a good chi area, then good things happen; but if you put it in an area with bad chi, then accidents and unnecessary expenses happen. water is a powerful element, it does not distinguish good from bad.

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