Feng Shui Software

Feng Shui Software
Free Feng Shui Software???????????

is there a program that helps u decorate your house?’

there are many fengshui softwares out there. but none of them helps you to decorate. fengshui softwares helps you make those tedious fengshui calculations easier. for example, there is a formula which states that you need the facing and back of the house should have be yang. so you input the facing of your house to the software, and it will calculate if your house has a facing and back with yang-yang.

you need to understand that fengshui is never about decoration. that is why you can make a house that has good fenghsui, yet the interior is american or japanese. fengshui is about calculating for the direction and location of good and bad areas and how to use these to make your life convenient.

http://www.meganworx.com : makes some of these fengshui softwares

and there is a good small bookstore in singapore that sells and distributes books, softwares and tools related to fengshui:
6001, Beach Road, #01-40, Golden Mile Tower,
Singapore 199589.
Tel: 6298 5739
Contact: Mr Gan

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