Feng Shui Solutions For Bedrooms

Feng Shui solutions for having a bed against a wall?

I have a very, very small bedroom, and have absolutely no choice but to push my bed against a wall. I know it’s bad feng shui to push it there, but if i move it even the smallest bit, i won’t be able to walk on either side of it. What can I do to neutralize this negative feng shui?

I haven’t yet found any solutions, except websites that claim that even in the smallest, tightest rooms there is room to move the bed…however, this is definately, most certianly not the case in my bedroom. I literally cannot move it. Please, if you know of ANY solution, help me out. Thank you

Forget the stupid ‘feng shui’ and put it where ever you want it.

Feng Shui tips & solutions for bedrooms

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