Feng Shui Statue

Feng Shui Statue
how can feng shui help me?

Hi I am a married woman ,trying to get established in some job, My husband and me eagerly want ,that I get a job so that I get an Independent life. He is very supportive and guiding ,in fact he has to push me to study , as I am not able to concentrate on this part at all, I want him to be happy with me,but some how I spoil up his mood. These situations are embarrassing for me. I want to give happiness to him.

Thats why I want to take help of Feng Shui , any person having good knowledge in this field ,please let me know, what should I wear or keep on my desk to concentrate properly ,I also want a stream of positive energy inside me,for which I hav started doing Yoga, what else (like picture paintings,statues,…etc.) can be used to over come the negativity in me.

Please help!!

Feng shui are created by human through their so-called studies in it. To me, I only believe in God. When I move into my new 3 storeys exclusive house, a relative who knows Feng shui started to do the reading and concluded that I may have tough financial difficulties and even if I make
it, I may not live to enjoy my wealth. Well, I been staying in my new comfortable house for 6 years and I am improving everyday, both business and health. Just use your own instinct to position your office furniture. Obviously you won’t place the reception table in front of the toilet, right?

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