Feng Shui Stupid

Feng Shui Stupid
Ladies! I need to know if you would like to watch a tv program that debunks frauds and stupid beliefs?

I have the opportunity to apply with 2 tv programs for a women’s tv channel . I can submit 2 ideas I am already pretty sure about one of them, but Im still having hard time with the second one. I was wondering if you Ladies would like a tv show that debunks stupid beliefs . Prooves or disprooves theories like astrology, or feng shui etc.
I have got a really good research and production team who is not afraid to test things . I thought it would be lighter than pen and teller bullshit episodes (less arrogant) but we strive to create funny environment.

SO my question is: would you like to watch a show like that if it is honest and strictly based on facts?

I have to order an official research on this topic anyway, but I am curious and would be happy to see your opinion!

Because guys views are not wanted here.

Ling Gu Feng Mountain

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