Feng Shui Tree Front House

Feng Shui Tree Front House
With regard to Feng Shui, is a tree at the front of the house good?

a tree in front of the house? depending on how far the tree is or where is it in relation to the main door of the house.

– if a tree is less than 5 meters from the house, then it is bad – some practitioners this might be because that the tree might cause some foundation problems for the house; some masters believe that big trees can be inhabited by unseen entities/ ghosts (esp drooping trees)

– if a tree is in front (less than 5 meters) and in the middle of the main door, then this is a fengshui issue, this means that you have a difficulty in achieving your goals; same goes for a mailbox, a post or a big structure in front and in the middle of your main door

– but when a tree is just in front of the house, it is not in the way of the main door, nor is it too near to the house, then there is no problem

– people tend to be a bit “hypochondriac”/ mental with regards to what you read or hear about fengshui; but chinese fengshui is far from what you read. a fenshui master would not just write everything he/she knows about fengshui for all people to know. no fengshui master does that. to learn fengshui you need to find a practitioner or a master and persuade him/her to teach you. in most cases, you learn them in seminars.

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