Feng Shui Turtle Dragon

Feng Shui Turtle Dragon
Does anyone know of a good online Feng Shui store?

Greetings! I am looking for online feng shui products at reasonable prices, that ships worldwide. Particularly Feng shui crystals (crystal balls, crystal lotus, crystal pyramids, crystal figurines), bagua mirrors, lucky money frogs, japanese money cats & bronze and brass dragons and turtles etc. If anyone has any recommendations of a reliable and trustworthy online store, I know there are many online but I want to hear from people who have personal experience buying from an online feng shui store. Thanks.

I can recommend a great online store that specialises in feng shui products that you are looking for. I just found this store recently but have made many purchases and am so happy with the prices and quality of items. I know they ship worldwide because I purchased some crystals and got them shipped directly to my friend in the UK, and I live in Canada. I have shopped at numerous online chinese websites but I personally like this one the best, because I find they have unusual feng shui items and I like that they offer alot of explanations on how to use it for feng shui, and where to place it and the reason, which really helps. I noticed a big difference in the chi in my surroundings since I began to use the enhancements and cures. Good luck with your feng shui!

Here is the url:


Feng Shui Landform – Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Pheonix, Black Turtle

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