Feng Shui Under Bed

Feng Shui Under Bed
FENG SHUI EXPERTS/STUDENTS–Best position for bed in my room? Having difficulties deciding….?

Given the layout of my room I can only put my bed in 3 places. On my healthy wall but facing my unlucky direction ( this is also under windows), on my success wall but facing my fatal direction (this one is the position that is away from the door, giving me full view of the room and who enters), or facing DIRECTLY toward my door on my marriage wall facing my self progress direction. Which one should I go for and what could I do to help balance the bad and good out so I have good energy in the room? Thanks!

The bed should not be facing a window, especially a west window. It is better to place a bed against a sold wall rather than a glass window. Do not put a bed directly opposite the door where it is directly in line with the incoming energy. Do not sleep with your head directly pointed at the door. Do not sleep with your back to the door! You should place the bed so that you can see who is entering the room when you are in bed.

Your Questions Answered with Joey Yap, Feng Shui Master

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