Feng Shui Vase Wealth

Feng Shui Vase Wealth
How do you create a Feng Shui Wealth Vase?

I’m new to feng shui and heard about a wealth or wealth vase. what is it and how do I get or make one?

Wealth Vase is a symbol of good fortune. In feng shui it is used as a wealth activators. Chinese families believes that keeping a wealth vase in their home ensures the growth of family’s good fortune. You can make your own wealth vase or buy it in any feng shui store. Wealth vase may be made of porcelain, crystal, copper, brass, silver or gold. It is said the more precious the material the more luck it will brings. If you would like to know more about feng shui wealth vase, I found this site very helpful, they have Free Live Help and they answer all my feng shui questions. its www.changeurluck.com

create a feng shui wealth vase

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