Feng Shui Water Behind House

Feng Shui Water Behind House
Which Show Had A House Apparently Designed for Death?

I remember watching about a house about 5 years back on TV, that was designed for death.

It was build with a glass window in the roof, angled at the stairwell so when the light hit it, and you were going down the stairs it would blind you.
Also when it rained, the water would seep into the foundation and all the electricity outlets were on the side that the foundation leaked on.

It was completely wrong in Feng Shui or something.

I can’t remember what show it was, what the whole idea behind it was and would really like to find out about it again.

When I saw the first line of your question, I thought you were talking about a Doctor Who episode where there’s a reality show and people were being killed off in the house.

I don’t know anything about the show you are talking about, but I did see something on TV about an old house that was really weird. I think someone sort of famous owned it, and they were really strange and made rooms connect in weird ways, had secret passages and even doors that went to the outside where you could just fall (on the 2nd or 3rd floor with no balcony). The person was just nuts, I guess.

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