Feng Shui Water Colors

Feng Shui Water Colors
I am using the bagua to decorate my home…as a whole..not just room to room. Got ideas or suggestions?

I am good with most areas; however, the black, water, career area of our home covers two guest bedrooms. I need design ideas or suggestions as to how to incorporate the color black, the element water, and / or mirrors into these areas. Or if anyone knows of a book that has photographs of techniques used to accomodate the principles of feng shui applied to various rooms within a home, I am interested in learning the title of it.

Feng shui… it’s not just for your desk!

One of my favorite books is:

feng shui your life by Jayme Barrett
ISBN 0-8069-7629-2

Good pictures and examples

Feng Shui Dining Room Designs : Feng Shui Water Fountains

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