Feng Shui Water Cure

Feng Shui Water Cure
i need Feng shui help for this house!?

this house needs feng shui cure


its facing west, the northern part is the rusty water tower and the southern part is our vegetable garden….

(ahem* we are broke for 5 months!, it must be the feng shui though!)

Let’s start with the bedroom. Put the head of the bed inside the closet. If it will not fit, have the closet door enlarged. Above the door to the closet should be hung a 3 legged panda, preferable brown and white rather than black and white. In the kitchen, you need paper lanterns on the ceiling arranged in the shape of a 7 pointed star. The colors must be blue, red, green and yellow. No blue may be adjacent to a green, and no red can be adjacent to a yellow. At the north entrance to the house, a yellow dragon must be displayed on the outside of the door, to ward off bad chi. A torch must be installed on the outside of the house to balance the negative energy of the rusty water tower. If your first child has brown hair or brown eyes, the financial negativity will not go away unless you sell him/her. This sale may be to a friend, but not a relative. Last but not least, you must, and I can’t stress this enough, eliminate the letter “K” from your life whenever you possibly can. Good luck to you and yours.

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