Feng Shui Water Fountain Position

Feng Shui Water Fountain Position
How can you Feng Shui your home?

I want to Feng Shui my new apartment, but how do I know the best positioning without mapping out all the degrees, (and north/south/east/west)? I want a really positive energy flow. I plan to have a water fountain and aquarium with 8 black fish & 1 gold fish. but it says it has to be positioned right??? PLZ HELP!!!

there are a lot of limitations fengshui without using certain fengshui methods. for one thing, it is impossible for man to create good energy out of objects. and it is also impossible to make a bad fengshui into good, with remedies, yes, you can make it neutral temporarily, but fengshui has a factor of time which most people dont know about. so even if you have the said remedy the bad thing can still happen.

water is a powerful element in fengshui. thus, when it is placed wrongly, it can create more harm than good. another reason why there are many fengshui methods that involves the use of water like using water to activate current water star in the flying stars method or using water in water dragons/placements method.

you also need to understand that fengshui is not a belief, and therefore it is not a religion. it is also not a philosophy. most people do what they read on books, and if these things are done incorrectly, then bad things happen. then people will say that the book or its method is ineffective.

fish is not necessary in fengshui. you just need movement in the water. i mean, you can use an aerator to make the water move/ bubble. movement is usually used to activate certain energies in the house – usually the good energy. to know the location in your house, you need to plot out the flying star chart of your house. i dont think that there is a short cut for this.

you will read about simple fengshui stuffs in many books, like you should not have fish tanks in bedrooms, or 2 doors should not be in each others path. these things are simple fengshui, basic knowledge. fengshui masters dont really teach their students these things, it is usually assumed that all fengshui students already know these. these are simple, so that means that they are powerless, but they can make small accidents. but they are useless to create good energy in the house.

there is a side to flying stars method called the annual flying stars, where we use the method to predict the future, and anticipate the energy to come. 2011 gradually begins in october of 2010, then it becomes stronger as the year progresses. and there are energies that revolve around the earth. and we identify these, to use these to our advantage (hard to explain, but in my experience, it works! to a degree). this method is to balance your house based on 2011. you just need to use a compass to locate the directions:
west most part of the house: a potted plant or small tree with a bucket of water at its side (replace the water everyday), this is to calm down the bad energies that will be in this location in 2011; this has a double effect in 2011, it can also make the family closer with many celebrations
northeast most part of the house: 4 green living plants, replace the plants when it turns yellow; this is to attract new people/clients into your life, when you bump into a stalker, just remove this, this do not choose the quality of people it attracts.
north most part of the house: put something red (must be proportion to the house), this is to avoid conflicts
put something dark blue in the center of the house to avoid violence/ lawsuits
southwest most part of the house: put water, replace this everyday; this makes you or whoever in your house good in their studies/ career
regarding this method, please do not put water nor plants if the location is a bedroom or a bathroom, this can create more harm and can complicate your life.

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