Feng Shui Water Southwest

Feng Shui Water Southwest
For feng shui, where do I place a firepit in my backyard?

The backyard is on the West/Southwest side of the house. I plan to put in a paver patio with a firepit. Someone told me that was bad for feng shui. Is that true? Also, a hottub (water element?) is located on the south side of the house/yard. Is that bad for feng shui?

The best place to locate these when you have a hot tub AND a fire pit is to place the firepit in the hot tub, but NOT in the center. It should be off center away from the control panel by as many inches as the tub is deep in feet. If the tub is 3′ deep, for example, it should be off center 3″. This will bring you the respect and admiration of all of your neighbors. Hope this helps.

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