Feng Shui Wealth Area

Feng Shui Wealth Area
How do I feng shui my bedroom……?

I have a compass and feng shui book, but am finding it very complicated? My room is north facing. I need to know how to figure out which parts of my room are the relationship, wealth etc etc areas?

i think you are talking about the well publisized bagua method. but i hate to disappoint you that it is not a fengshui method. at least, it is taught by fengshui masters in their seminars.

fengshui just dont work like that. you need to understand that fengshui is not a belief, it is not a religion, nor it is a philosophy. it is not something that you need to believe in for it to work.

fengshui is also not something that you can just apply into a room like your bedroom to make your room better.

in fengshui, the house is always considered as 1 unit. and the house must have at least 70% good fengshui for the occupants to enjoy a better life/ or improve it.

there are many methods in fengshui, and most of them are not published in books. and most methods involve some kind of measurements, alot of analysis and some renovations.

for your bedroom to have a good fengshui, it must have the following:
– the main door of the house (where your room is) must have a good facing degree based on fengshui configurations. the facing degree of the main door determines what kind of life you will have in that house – what is possible.
– your bedroom must be located in an area (in your house) with good energy, specifically something that is good for the health. in fenghsui, when energies combine they form new forms – and each energy or the new forms have its own characteristics. so when we live in this area, we tend to have that kind of energy in our lives. i know it sounds impossible, but it is what fengshui is about. it is a bit complicated. but when you know the methods/ formulas, then you know how to go about it, to manipulate the outcome of your life.
– for wealth, the kitchen or the stove, but be in area with good energy and the stove must be positioned correctly. because the stove is responsible for attracting wealth into your life.

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