Feng Shui Wealth Corner In Bedroom

What are the basic principles of color usage/ object placement in Feng Shui? And does it work?

I’m trying to use Feng Shui in my living room and bedroom to improve my wealth and relationships (far right and far left corners). I need help with placing colors in those areas and what objects belong where. Like where should my fish tank go? I used to have my living room done according to the “rules” at my other house, but now I moved and need some guidance because I cannot find the information I’ve used before and the internet searches all say different things. Thanks!

I really like this tool from HGTV’s show “Fun Shui”:

Just click on the area that you want to improve, and then it takes you to a page with a list of suggestions for Feng Shui cures.

For example, in the wealth area, you should use any of these items or colors in the far left corner of your room or home to boost your prosperity:
• Any color in the blue, red or purple color spectrum
• Expensive or valuable possessions, such as art, crystals, coins and sculpture
• Water features, such as waterfalls, fountains and fish tanks
• Fresh flowers or plants that bloom in blue, red or purple flowers
• Healthy plants, especially ones with round, coin-shaped leaves, such as jade plants
• Photos and artwork representing desired possessions, such as cars, homes or jewelry
• Affirmations or quotes pertaining to wealth and abundance
• Wind chimes, mobiles, flags and whirligigs
• Arrangements in groupings of four

So that’s where your fish tank goes!

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