Feng Shui Wedding

Feng Shui Wedding
does anyone have any ideas for wedding flowers for an asian themed wedding?

i would also like to incorporate some type of asian like flare for the bridesmaids. maybe hair chopsticks… something like that. i am not asian, but like the whole feng shui light and airy thing. i have the decorations taken care of by my caterer. the flowers are really stumping me. i need ideas for centerpieces too, but they have to be affordable. thanks:)

I’m not asian and I like the oriental style, but more for decorating than for my wedding.

If everything else is in an asian theme, then you don’t necessarily need asian-style flowers. Sometimes it can look over the top if EVERYTHING is in the one theme, rather than a few aspects.

Depending on your colour scheme you could really use any flower and have it still look ‘asian’, especially with your bridesmaids hair and makeup, your dress, hair and makeup and your decorations.

You could add things like cherry blossoms to roses to make it feel more asian. Orchids are very oriental, but as far as I know they’re very expensive too. Lilies can look oriental, as could even tulips or poppies.

Talk to your florist and have a play around =)

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