Feng Shui Western

Feng Shui Western
feng shui advice please?

Which bagua map do i use?
please forgive my ignorance, i’ve found both eastern and western maps and i don’t understand what that means.. i live in australia… so does that mean i use the eastern map?
also, do i align the map with the north direction, or align it with the front enterance to the house?

There is no such thing as an Eastern Ba Gua Map and a Western Ba Gua Map. The different Ba Gua Maps you are referring to is associated with different Feng Shui schools.

The first Ba Gua Map is the Black Hat Sect form of Feng Shui. This is where you have the nine sectors (fame, career, wealth, travel, mentor, love, etc.) In this form of Feng Shui, compass direction is NOT taken into consideratioin. The reference point for this type of Ba Gua is your door, your main door.

The bottom part of the Ba Gua Map (Knowledge, Career, Helpful People) needs to be aligned with the part of your home where your main door is located. This is how you use the Ba Gua Map in the Black Hat Sect, directions are NOT taken into consideration.

Now the other Ba Gua Map takes into consideration the compass direction. For example, Fame is located in the South, Career in the North, Love/Relationship in Southwest, Wealth in the Southeast, etc.

In this type of Ba Gua Map, you have to take into consideration the compass direction. It does not matter that you reside in Australia, it is applied the same. You do not need to switch things up by reversing the North with the South.

However, these Ba Gua Maps are a very simplified version of what true and authentic Feng Shui is about. True Feng Shui always take into consideration the occupants’ birthday, compass direction, and time element. In addition, you also need to assess the exterior land forms before making a true assessment of the Feng Shui of the property.

Good Luck!!!

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