Feng Shui World Map

Feng Shui World Map
Differences between Animal Crossing: Wild World, and Animal Crossing GC?

Ok, so I know there are some minor differences like A few different Characters and the gate thing and such.

I own BOTH games (or at least I used to one the GC version, but I lost that about a year ago) and I love them, but what I really want to know, is are there major differences between the two?

When you answer, take into consideration that I own/owned both games at some point, so answers like, there are no more acres, its just one big free-roaming map are a given.

One thing I’d really like to know, is that does Wisp Make an apperance? For those who don’t know, Wisp was the ghost that appeared randomly around 2:00 am. You had to catch 5 spirits with your bug-catching net, and then you could shoose weather to have all the weeds pulled, a random item you don’t have, or have your roof painted.

Also, is the Feng Shui the same as before (North – Orange, Green – South, Red – East, Yellow – West)


No, Wisp does not appear in ACWW.

-ACGC had NES games, Animal Island, and a lot more events throughout the year.

-ACWW has Wi-Fi, 5 room house, More flowers, ACGC house had 3 rooms, and you can change your hair style.

-Feng Shui stayed the same.

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