Feng Shui Yellow Bedroom

Feng Shui Yellow Bedroom
what feng shui element is most ideal for a bedroom?

I have my eyes set on a medium green (more yellow than blue), but im not sure if the wood element is the way to go. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, does anyone know what to put in th tao (center) of you bedroom? im stumped there too.

Well, I was going to say a plant of some kind. And if you go with a green room, you are definately right in more yellow than blue. I lived in a house once that had 3 bedrooms. One was dark green, one light blue, and the other was accidentally a mint green. None were good, but the mint was the worst. I’ve also lived in a burgundy color bedroom or blood red, and it was great!!! Plants look good against that color too.

But I would definately take into consideration how much light comes into the room and when it comes in. If not much comes in the morning, you might want to go with a much yellower green, just something light, to make the room lighter when you wake up.

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